Société Biblique de Genève

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Who are we?

The Geneva Bible Society is a non-profit Christian foundation established in 1917. It is recognised by the state of public utility. Its activities began through missionary bookshops known as "The Bible House" first in Geneva in 1917, in Paris in 1925, in Zurich in 1933, and then in several countries on three continents. There are now 20 Bible Houses: in France, Switzerland, Italy, Africa and New Caledonia.

It was in 1943 that the Geneva Bible Society was registered with the Register of Commerce of the State of Geneva. This enabled the GBS to continue what it had been doing since the outbreak of World War II, i.e., to publish and distribute the gospel in German, French and Italian.

The testimonies recognition of the GBS by Philippe Etter and Ernest Wetter (former presidents of the Swiss Confederation), as well as of General Guisan, stresse the importance that these statesmen gave to the printing and distribution of the Holy Scriptures, even while Switzerland was threatened on all sides by the madness of the Second World War.

Today, the Geneva Bible Society's first goal is still to make the Bible available for free or at a low cost. It seeks to promote, in Switzerland and abroad, the knowledge of the Word of God and to preserve a biblical Christian culture, that is based on faith in Jesus Christ, but also our civilization, traditions and art. It is a non-profit Christian foundation and is not controlled by any outside political and religious organization.