Société Biblique de Genève

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Since 1925 our headquarters and the center of our activities had been located in the heart of Geneva - in a privileged location, but in premises that became, over the years, far too small for our activity.

In 1992 the Lord marvelously led us to move the headquarters of the mission, along with the publishing and distribution departments to premises in Préverenges that were twice as spacious. We were thus able to redevelop The Bible House bookstore and begin a help and evangelisation center called "La Boussole" ("The Compass").

Because of God's blessing and unexpected circumstances at the end of 1997, our business report indicated, amongst other points: "After five years of development, our headquarters in Préverenges has become too small. We have been hoping to buy some premises measuring 275m2 adjacent to ours. However the price required by the Swiss bank (Union de Banques Suisses), the proprietor, is too high. We will wait for God's providence."

By prayers, letters and the support of numerous friends, we were encouraged to move forward with faith. Moreover means of promises of donations and donations received we reached our fixed objective allowing us to sign the purchase contract for the chosen premises at Romanel-sur-Lausanne after more than a three-year search.